I have a client I'm working on making an ex-client (actually, I think it may have worked). At one time, there was very nearly Starbucks involved. This may or may not be directly related to the ex-client making, you decide. I have another client I'm meeting tomorrow to get near the end of the site […]

Tuesday night dinner

The lack of saturation on the cell phone photo doesn't do dinner justice. Andrea's garden had quite the yield this season, and I was the happy recipient of some of the late-summer variety: red and yellow tomatoes, cucumber, squash, beans, a few peas (and also some recently canned peaches, not included in dinner). The tomatoes, […]

Cities: Urban creativity and good employees

I've been waking up at ridiculous hours this week (like 3:30-4 a.m., and wide awake), and maybe it's the lack of sleep, but something really clicked with me about the Richard Florida interview I woke up to. Florida is an author and researcher, and his ideas mesh around the concept of a creative class. He's […]

I officially feel old, at least in new media terms

Remember Napster? It was a music sharing service that was hugely popular among college students, unemployed hackers and other people who thought disposable income and music were mutually exclusive. The site was started by a college drop-out named Shawn Fanning, who got sued about 30 million times (OK, slight exaggeration) for letting people trade copyrighted […]