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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Movie review: Choke (semi-spoilers)

] We saw Choke on Saturday. This was the book that got me hooked on Chuck Palahniuk. David Fincher did such an awesome job with Fight Club, though the box office draw for it was low. So Clark Gregg had quite a challenge ahead of him: do artistic justice to a really good, but really […]


The view from the white corner

The best thing I ever saw Catherine Orland do was manage to not deck Joel Ackerson when he asked her if we still needed women's music festivals. You know, because women are equal and all that. Simiarly, white privilege is so dead. Umm, yeah. Sure it is, if you say so. Mitch posted this, and […]

Book reviews: Torpedo Juice and The Big Bamboo by Tim Dorsey

After a desperate cry for fiction recommendations on Twitter a few weeks ago, Mitch came through with shout for Tim Dorsey. So, I headed over to the local library and grabbed Torpedo Juice and The Big Bamboo. They were both lots of fun. First off, let me warn you away from these books if farcical, […]


I have a client I'm working on making an ex-client (actually, I think it may have worked). At one time, there was very nearly Starbucks involved. This may or may not be directly related to the ex-client making, you decide. I have another client I'm meeting tomorrow to get near the end of the site […]

Tuesday night dinner

The lack of saturation on the cell phone photo doesn't do dinner justice. Andrea's garden had quite the yield this season, and I was the happy recipient of some of the late-summer variety: red and yellow tomatoes, cucumber, squash, beans, a few peas (and also some recently canned peaches, not included in dinner). The tomatoes, […]

Chiefs, Nationals sign development contract

Here are some thoughts on the new two-year development agreement the Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs signed with the Washington Nationals, but to tell you the truth, I think I said most of it when I predicted last Tuesday it would happen. Someone, though, did ask me last night why he should be excited about such a […]

Dome, Saturday

It almost seemed orchestrated when this dude started climbing over the seat in front of him, and his buddy yanked his shirt. Dude slid back into his chair without spilling a drop of beer. Two things you should know about me before I continue: (a) I'm not a college sports fan; I'm not going to […]

Cities: Urban creativity and good employees

I've been waking up at ridiculous hours this week (like 3:30-4 a.m., and wide awake), and maybe it's the lack of sleep, but something really clicked with me about the Richard Florida interview I woke up to. Florida is an author and researcher, and his ideas mesh around the concept of a creative class. He's […]

This is why I don’t do live interviews

Got this in the e-mail at work. Ouch. IT’S A FACT! SNAPPLE OFFERS NBA REPORTER NEW CAREER FOR THE OFF-SEASON PLANO, Texas (Sept, 16 2008) – In a continued effort to educate Americans one bottle cap at a time, Snapple offers New York Knicks reporter Jill Martin a side job for the off-season: Snapple Cap […]

I officially feel old, at least in new media terms

Remember Napster? It was a music sharing service that was hugely popular among college students, unemployed hackers and other people who thought disposable income and music were mutually exclusive. The site was started by a college drop-out named Shawn Fanning, who got sued about 30 million times (OK, slight exaggeration) for letting people trade copyrighted […]