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Monthly Archives: March 2009

What would baseball fans do without newspapers?

When The Rocky Mountain News and Seattle Post-Intelligencer ceased their print editions, something happened that wasn't evident to either the save-the-newspaper or the dude-the-Web's-great crowd: fans of the Colorado Rockies and Seattle Mariners both lost local places to study box scores. When I moved to Syracuse, I not only arrived in a town which places […]


I Joined Twitter – Now What?

I put this together for work; but you're all welcome to it. If your work environment is more strictly professional, e-mail me and I'll send you the file so you can edit some of the, umm, looser language out. I Joined Twitter - Now What? View more presentations from JoshShear.

Newspapers in Q1 2009: Full-circle

My first post on newspapers in 2009 went like this: I was horrified to find out yesterday that at least one Connecticut lawmaker is considering a government bailout of a newspaper. I'm still horrified by this prospect for the same reason: How can a newspaper impartially (read: critically) report on the government that funds it? […]

Balancing the public knowledge with the actual knowledge

I hope you read my post yesterday on the newspaper crisis hitting close to home. Assuming you did, you probably realized that I was writing about the privately-held company I work for. And you probably realized that I know at least a little more than I shared. If you've ever worked for somebody else – […]

Newspaper crisis hits home

I can't imagine that you've missed the news about the state of the newspaper industry. If you have, go spend three days reading about it, and talk to me when you've left the corner you've been rocking in. Colorado's oldest paper, The Rocky Mountain News – which was actually launched in the Kansas Territory, before […]

Saturday with Dobbs: Social media edition

Mike Dobbs is the first person I can count as a professional mentor. When Wayne convinced me to join him at The Westerner (which could really use its own Web site), Dobbs was the faculty adviser for the student paper. After my first op/ed appeared (which, clearly, had not been through his screening), Dobbs walked […]

The $1,600 Haircut

Kim Hurlbut was my first roommate in Syracuse when I moved here in August of 2003. I lived with her through some rough times for both of us, and, let's be honest, when I moved out in February 2005, we weren't on the best of terms. But as time went by, we've grown back into […]

How to drive when bicyclists are on the road

Ride a bike and learn to kick cabs in your steel-toed boots and always cherish the scabs when you fall hard and it's dirty dark and you're forever scarred by a stark reality, a compassion-free urban community. The majority is the majority no matter where you are (no matter where you live most) (no matter […]

OK, so who’s that new musical addiction?

So in that post yesterday, I alluded to a new musical addiction. Andrea was waiting for me to mention them, and she's been patient, but I don't how long that'll last since I don't actually know her, and I feel like making anyone wait more than four days is particularly cruel anyway. And yes, I […]

Music-ed. Plus: what’s the new musical addiction?

My re-entry into music as a passion hit a new level in mid-February as the piano that had been tantalizingly out of my grasp for five-plus years finally reached me and got tuned. I've played either it or one of the guitars almost every day since, and I'm listening to so much more music than […]