Saturday with Dobbs: Social media edition

Mike Dobbs is the first person I can count as a professional mentor.

When Wayne convinced me to join him at The Westerner (which could really use its own Web site), Dobbs was the faculty adviser for the student paper.

After my first op/ed appeared (which, clearly, had not been through his screening), Dobbs walked into the office and told me it would be OK if I used the word "butt" instead of "ass" next time.

I'm still a foul-mouthed little chucklehead, as the saying goes, but that's neither here nor there.

After my first semester on the paper (a spring term), Dobbs was dismissed from the college for using too many semicolons in a press release (that's my story and I'm sticking to it), and by October I was interning for Dobbs at Reminder Publications, where he would later become managing editor and I an editor.

Eventually I moved up to Syracuse, and discovered that he comes up here once a year for Cinefest, which I must have known, because I worked between six and 12 feet away from him for three years.

Since Cinefest happens in Liverpool, he had gotten in the habit of going to Ichiban, until I brought him to Dinosaur for the first time. And now the second, third, and, Saturday, fourth times.

Dobbs handed me his new book (that's two years in a row, by the way, there's been a new book to hand me), and we hit the Dino, talking about the state of the media in the Pioneer Valley and here in Central New York.

Because the Saturday schedule wasn't a ton to his liking, we had a bunch of time, so we went over to Edward Thomas and discussed social media opportunities.

We talked Twitter and Facebook, and came up with some ideas to maybe make Pioneer Valley Central easier to run.

There were a lot of what-ifs discussed, but let's just say I've learned that if I were ever in a position where it were necessary, I could survive on doing some social media consulting. That's a great feeling, especially coming from someone like Dobbs.