Movie Review: Star Trek

I've never heard of these guys before, but that's a pretty cool review.

Yeah, I saw the new Star Trek movie on opening weekend. So?

I was never what you'd call a fan. I enjoyed reruns on TV of the original series (which, famous as it was, only ran from 1966-1969), hated the following series. I never saw the original movies.

What I enjoyed most were William Shatner's over-acting (I'm also a Bruce Campbell fan), and the cheesy effects.

JJ Abram's prequel had neither – he definitely would not have gotten away with skimping on the effects, and rather than over-acting, they made Chris Pine's Kirk a jackass (a role which Pine handled well).

Zachary Quinto (of "Heroes" fame) plays a fantastic Spock, and Leonard Nimoy reprises his role as (a much older) Spock to perfection.

I went with a fan of the original series and movies, so it was good to be able to get his perspective. His favorite parts were seeing how Captain-cum-Admiral Pike wound up in a wheelchair, as he was shown in the TV series, and the interplay between Pine and Quinto, since the Shatner-Nimoy on-screen rapport was so important in the original (the video above describes it as the first bromance.

What I enjoyed were the political commentary (Pike was waterboarded) and the hot chicks with douchebags F-U that had Spock and Uhura as an item, rather than Kirk getting the girls.

See it? Definitely. It's fun, and it totally didn't feel like it was two hours long.


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