And they’re not married, because? Oh yeah, right…

If you're in the Central New York area, you may have caught the piece back in August about Jeff Kramer donning a Winnie-the-Pooh costume to marry couples at the New York State Fair.

I like Jeff a lot. It's not about his columns – sure, he's funny, and he knows how to stir up trouble (oh the things I'm not allowed to tell you about) – I know him personally. He's a nice guy. Calls me Justin all the time, but I've been called worse. And I'd be saying that even if his hands weren't 18 inches across and he couldn't crush my head like it was a potato chip.

But a letter-writer hit it smack on the nose. Go on, she said, look me in the eye and tell me about the sanctity of marriage.

I was at a wedding this weekend. The officiant was the first one in tears. It was under a minute, by the way. The woman who accompanied me to the wedding had never met either of the couple, and she was crying. During the 10-minute ceremony, there were two rousing ovations, plus a third, standing one.

Of course, they're not married, because this is one of over 40 states and they're both women.

Sure, they own property together, have pets, are talking kids next year, maybe livestock, too. But nope, sorry, while you (quite clearly) love each other, your families and friends are totally gaga over your relationship, and you're even planning on that stuff that's supposed to make marriage sacred, you both have the same equipment, so it doesn't count.


So, on the way to their honeymoon, they're going to make a stopover and make it legal, and hopefully that will stick – and they'll both be able to do things like, say, visit each other in the hospital and do the parent-teacher conference thing.


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  • Kim wants us to get married ‘again’ when New York gets on board (finally? ever?) We’ve kind of figured.. it was fun the first 2 times.. 🙂

    I believe with all my soul in a person’s right to disagree. That is what freedom should be about. I have just yet to hear a thoughful argument about why my marriage to a woman impacts any other person or family but mine? Does the ‘opposition’ really think by obstructing legal protections- gay people are just going to go away? I suppose for some people they would be pleased if it were so easy.

    Meanwhile.. we and our now legally married selves carry on with our lives. Yep. Shuttling the kids in the soccer van, and making cookies for the PTA. Take cover. WAY scary lesbians over here! Protect your kids..

    Thanks for your Ally voice. We need them all.

    Lorelei Lacey

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