Introducing the Maidel and the Faigel

I've been dying to introduce one of the simplest sites I've done in a long time because the content is just hysterical. After I did a little tweaking to aSweetPeace a little while back, I met Hinda Mandell, who recently approached me about creating a blog.

We went back and forth on design ideas and settled on the very clean, easy-to-edit Miscellany WordPress theme from The Cloisters. She drew a cartoon, I found some header backgrounds, and we were off and running.

The overall site, Little Chicken Media, will someday morph into a site covering a lot of cultural issues from a Jewish perspective, but the first project is called The Maidel and the Faigel. In Yiddish, that would be The Single Woman and the Gay Man.

They talk about heritage (her ancestors are Polish Jews; his are Polish Catholics), upbringing, sex, love, food, and Nigel, the maidel's Lhasa Apso. They are pretty damn funny. Also, they are roommates, so they definitely have some insight into each other the rest of us don't get.

They are also on Twitter and Facebook, so go say hi!


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