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Nobody likes cancer, least of all when it happens in children. The St. Baldrick's Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that makes grants for research into cancer in children. Some of that money has stayed right here in Syracuse, other money has been granted to hospitals elsewhere across the U.S.

St. Baldrick's signature event is a fundraiser during which people get pledges to have their head shaved. While I'll certainly have my head shaved alongside, I'm launching a social media effort to raise money to shave my beard at the Syracuse event. There is not yet a firm date, but it takes place each year in late March at Kitty Hoynes in Armory Square.

The 2009 event raised nearly $295,000 as 502 had their heads and beards shaved.

If you've met me, you know you're not likely to give lots of money to see my hair disappear. There's not much of it to begin with. But I want to work with all of you – and all of your friends and contacts – to help raise $25,000 to get rid of my beard.

I am posting daily photos and weekly videos at You can see the growth of the beard, and hear how we're doing.

If you have a business, a book, a CD, a video, a t-shirt, a hat or anything else you want to see me hold up or wear in a photo or video, email me at mail (at) joshshear (dot) com and we'll discuss a donation.

If you want me to dye my beard pink, tie blue ribbons in it, or otherwise desecrate my beard in a photo or video, do the same: email me, and we'll figure out what your donation should be.

To make a donation, go to my participant page at St. Baldrick's website. If you'd prefer to donate by check, email me at mail (at) joshshear (dot) com and I'll let you know where to send it.

In addition to the photos blog, you can see the videos at Vimeo and YouTube, and follow the progress (and become a fan!) at the Josh's Beard Facebook page.

Oh, and about the hat and shades: (a) I needed a gimmick and (b) I take a lot of these pictures before 6 a.m. Let's just say this is the better view 🙂


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  • Hi Josh, it’s Carolee from The Central New York Network Marketing Group.

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE your fundraiser. If you make it to the meeting, maybe you can give us a quick blurb about it.

    I may be interested in having you hold my business sign or something!

    I really look forward to meeting you!

    I’ll put a link to your blog on my one blog, Bloggers Connect- we happen to be looking for guy bloggers!

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