Can we talk about Google’s new look for a minute?

OK, so everybody and her second cousin's oldest daughter has already written about the new Google. But I'm a fan of this new design, at least as far as the logo and SERPs go.

Google logo

Admit it, you didn't even realize it was a new logo. But it's a bit bigger, and they got rid of the drop shadow. It really pops off the page.

And then there are the SERPs (that's Search Engine Results Pages if you're new here).

All that stuff on the left? A lot of people in the search industry say it looks really cluttered. But we (those of us in search) already knew that stuff was buried up at the top and bottom in various menus. Most people didn't. Now it's obvious that it's there to everyone.

So yeah, I'm diggin' the new look. Now if only they could make Wave or Buzz useful. At this point, I'd settle for one of them.

One Thought on “Can we talk about Google’s new look for a minute?

  1. As you said, those of us “in the know” already knew all the stuff to the left was there, so personally I have to admit that I don’t like it. Luckily, being on Firefox, I found a script that eliminates that.

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