Foursquare in a small town

We spent the weekend in the Coxsackie, NY, area. It's about 20 miles south of Albany, but you'd never know it from looking around. And I have to use that "area" there, because the wedding was in West Coxsackie, the reception was in Coxsackie, and I'm still not sure whether the hotel was in West Coxsackie or New Baltimore.

The hotel gave us a sheet with some dinner recommendations, and we did some research. Red's has a fairly professional website, and the menu looks good but a little pricier than we had hoped for; driving by, it looked a little like a run-down clam shack. The Quarry Steakhouse has a nice menu, but the website is on the unprofessional side and it was a bit in a different direction than we were comfortable driving.

So I opened my phone's Foursquare app. What I don't like is that it appears to list locations in the order in which they were added, not either in alphabetical order (which would make a little sense), or in distance from my current location (which would make the most sense). What I do like is that there are places listed.

We wound up at Paul's Pizza and Pasta, which was exactly like any middle-America post-high school football game pizza house you've ever seen in the movies: exposed brick, lots of white people, and waitresses who call people "hon."

There were no tips for anywhere local, and, let's face it, there were about 2 people listed as mayor of anywhere in town, but we enjoyed Paul's. JB had a bowl of clam chowder (that's clams in a cream broth with onions and potatoes, not tomato soup with clams in it) and spaghetti with meat sauce. I had a bowl of sausage chowder (corn, potatoes and onions with the sausage) and a white veggie pizza, which was mozzarella and ricotta cheeses with spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, onions and green pepper, all fresh.

I said a while back that I wound up not really being a fan of Foursquare. My attitude might be changing now that I understand how to use it. Which makes sense. I tell people they need to have a goal with Twitter if they expect to enjoy it; I guess I've needed that with Foursquare, too. More to come as I grow with the tool.