The 2010 Trash Transformation Project

The following is a partial press release from Alchemical Nursery.


It is the pleasure of The Alchemical Nursery to present the commissioned artworks of the 2010 Trash Transformer Project!

The 8 artworks on exhibit represent the talents of 7 contemporary artists form the Central NY region, and include a diversity of methods including paint and ink on wood, mini and full size sculptures, and mixed media wall hangings. All contain salvaged or reused materials that make up at least 50% of the artwork itself, representing the insane practice of over-consumption and disposal that is taken for granted in modern society.

Each of the artworks is also being presented for auction through the silent auction process throughout the length of the traveling exhibit schedule. Bids have already been received at the debut exhibition. You can view the current high bids at the TTP Silent Auction Sheet, and you can bid at any time by sending your name, telephone number, email address, and bid to

Read The Full Release And See More Artwork »

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