I wanted to tell you about LiveIntent for a minute. It's a company with a pretty cool ad-driven product. I met a couple of members of their team at the 140 Character Conference back in April.

Check out the "Follow Me on Twitter" button on the right side of the page. You'll notice LiveIntent's logo next to the large lower-case t. So it's fairly unobtrusive, for sure.

If you roll your mouse over that button, you'll see recommended Twitter feeds to follow, including their following and follower counts, their Klout score, their timeline, and a button to follow them. You get to pick which Twitter accounts show up here, which means if you have a group-written blog, say, or a publication with several writers, you can recommend their Twitter accounts for follows.

I've only seen an ad on my button a couple of times, but then I'm a little guy. When an ad does appear, you'll see a yellow background on the account. As a publisher, you get to choose which advertisers don't show up there (you know, in case you don't want to recommend people follow your competition. It's a revenue share proposition; if they make money from the ads on your site (basically, the more people who follow the advertised account), they cut you in.

It's a pretty easy setup (they've made it easier since I started the sign-up process), and their sales staff is friendly. I'd highly recommend checking them out, even if their business cards are 3-inch squares that don't fit in your wallet.