Book Review: The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Hyder Kabani

You know who's smart? Shama Kabani.

A young entrepreneur and head of The Marketing Zen Group, Kabani's book The Zen of Social Media Marketing is among the best social media books I've read – not least because it's a living book.

The problem with writing a book about anything social media is that social media is changing really fast. The book Twitter Revolution, for instance, came out in paperback in October 2008. Twitter has undergone so many changes since then, I can only imagine about 10% of that book is still relevant.

What Kabani does with Zen is start with the basics – how to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, including how to set up your profiles and how to be found – and at the end of her book she gives you a link to and a pass code to get into the online version of the book, which is updated as new information becomes available.

Which means that when Facebook changes its look and procedures, suggestions for making your Facebook profile great are updated in the book.

My one hope for Kabani is that she hasn't buried herself (or her interns) under decades of book updates.

In addition to how-tos for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Kabani offers some good general purpose tips, like outline your overall social media strategy and know what you want to achieve for your business before you send your first tweet.

She also enrolls David Kaminski of Web Video University to write a chapter on video.

Next up for me is going to be The Mirror Test by Kodak's chief marketing officer, Jeffrey Hayzlett.


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