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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Syracuse Wiki Survey

We're asking you for some help, Syracuse-area folks! Take a three-question survey about using and contributing to a local wiki. You can take it on SurveyMonkey by clicking here or answer these questions in comments: 1. Would you use a Syracuse wiki as a resource? 2. Would you contribute to a Syracuse wiki? (If yes, […]


Facebook etiquette: Event invitations

Maybe my blood's up a bit because someone pushed hard for a meeting I didn't want to have and then canceled last minute, but I have to be honest, I'm really sick of getting Facebook invitations to events I'm obviously not coming to. And by "obviously not coming to," I mean the event is 300 […]

The Secret to Blogging Every Day, or How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

You may (or probably didn't, really) have noticed that the last weekday I didn't blog was Friday, May 7 (although to be fair to myself, I did blog on both Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th). Where do I find the time and energy? someone recently asked me. Well, it's easy, really. I don't […]

Dining Review: La Taqueria

I tried La Taqueria recently, and the short version of this review is, it's worth a few trips. La Taq is a new restaurant, and a sister to Dolce Vita, which as some of you know has quite an eclectic menu. La Taq does the taco/burrito/nachos thing, but throws in some Dolce with it. They […]

5 Places to Bring Colleagues and Clients in the Syracuse Area

After my post last week about coffee shops to work at in the Syracuse area, Jill asked if I'd write a post about places to bring colleagues and clients: So here we are. 1. Freedom of Espresso, Franklin Square. OK, this was on my coffee shop list, too, but that makes sense, right? I sort […]

5 bars to work from in Syracuse

Yesterday we did my favorite coffee shops to work from in the area. Well, it's Friday and you're ready to get your weekend on, so where can you get a good brew while finishing up for the week? 1. The Blue Tusk. OK, so the Tusk is over-priced, has consistently mediocre food and a staff […]

5 coffee shops to work from in the Syracuse area

Over at Outspoken the other day, Lisa Barone wrote about some etiquette for working at coffee shops. Basically, it's how to grab some focus while not being a jackass to other customers, and, more importantly, to the business you're patronizing. You should read that post, then come back; I'll tell you my favorite coffee shops […]

Book Review: Tell-All by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck's back. I've been a big fan of Chuck Palahniuk since reading Choke a few years ago. I swallowed the rest of his novels and one of his nonfiction collections pretty quickly, and have been faithfully waiting for each novel since. His new novel, Tell-All is a return to what got me hooked – a […]

3 Favorites from Finger Lakes Wine Festival

We spent the weekend at the Watkins Glen raceway for Finger Lakes Wine Festival. The takeaways are that next year, we're going to camp down the road at the state park and hit the festival at the less crowded times: mid-afternoon Saturday and during the day Sunday. But from a guy who likes very dry […]

Get engaged!

Well, civically. You don't have to be in the under 40 set to join the 40 Below Civic Engagement Task Force in a social networking event tonight at 5:30 p.m. at World Martini Bar, 134 E Genesee Street, in Hanover Square (map). Check out the Facebook event page. There's no need to RSVP. Just show […]