Dining Review: La Taqueria

I tried La Taqueria recently, and the short version of this review is, it's worth a few trips.

La Taq is a new restaurant, and a sister to Dolce Vita, which as some of you know has quite an eclectic menu. La Taq does the taco/burrito/nachos thing, but throws in some Dolce with it.

They have a daily (rotating) Dolce-inspired burrito – the first day I went, it was Bombay chicken (shredded chicken with a curry sauce). Rather than that, I tried a three-taco plate, giving the carnitas, steak and chicken a try, as well as the soft and hard tacos, and whatever sauces they happened to have on hand that day.

I was a little nonchalant about what I wanted where, making the woman putting the tacos together a little nervous ("which sauce with which meat?" "eh, whichever order you happen to pick up the sauces is fine."), but as I told her, the first time somewhere, you go to get an idea of what they have, try as much as you can, and then go back the second time and actually get what you'd like.

And now I know when I go back (because I will), there's some darn good stuff on the menu.

It's reasonably priced, the food is fresh and delicious, and they're open good hours. Hopefully they're not cursed by being in that location (it's on South Clinton Street just below Walton) – Slices and a late-night Mediterranean place were both short-lived there.

Let me know what you think if you've been!


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