Twitter comes through on customer service – again

One of the things I rarely think about when friends and family members ask me about why they should get on Twitter is customer service. Which is weird, because I tell it to businesses all the time. I mean, yeah, we all know the Comcast Cares stories, but Comcast doesn't service my area so they're kind of out-of-sight, out-of-mind for me.

I wrote &ndash about this time last year, actually – about my experience with the Red Cross. I was receiving a lot of phone calls and a fair bit of mail. I tweeted a complaint, and got a letter in the mail apologizing. I was told the phone calls would stop and the mail would get more targeted.

And they followed through.

I've had plenty of success with GoDaddy's customer service via Twitter.

And so when I tried to use Elance's support ticket service with some frustration, I sent essentially a yo, what's up with this? tweet their way. And it was public, so people could see I was frustrated. I even got an amen.

If you're not familiar with Elance, essentially they act as a conduit for freelancers and customers, facilitating the proposal process, handling mediation and setting project benchmarks. They also verify that payment is available before allowing a job to be posted, and their cut is less than I'd give you if you sent me business.

And bingo, they got back to me within a few hours. Someone took ownership of my issue, got customer service involved, and they gave me the VIP treatment getting my problem solved, throwing in some extras in hopes that I'll stick around (and I will).

So there's that.

Businesses: Be available on Twitter. Usually it's not going to be people's first stop to reach out to you (although they might complain about you there first), but if they're frustrated with you, Twitter gives them an outlet. And you have to give the person/people running your Twitter account access to the tools they need to solve problems. It's not just a one-way deal: don't expect to survive just by selling your products.

Individuals: You may not use Twitter all the time, but here's one more use for it.

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  2. I decided to use your inspiration to contact GoDaddy about a problem with an affiliate payment. Just like you, someone responded pretty quickly and after a couple of hours we were able to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. Great stuff.

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