Free Advice for Expensive Chairs

If you want to sell me a chair that comes with controls, woo me. Photo by sleepyneko.

I got an email on LinkedIn from someone I don't know. It essentially said, "Hey! I see you're in Internet marketing. Do you have ideas for how to market my website?" Umm, OK. How to approach this? I do usually get paid for this sort of thing.

I looked at his site briefly. He is a Florida-based franchisee with a sales rep in New Jersey. He sells $3,000 chairs. He has some canned articles that he set and left. There's no blog, no Twitter account, no Facebook, nothing that says, "You should spend $3,000 on a chair, and not only that, you should buy it from me."

Here is the free advice I gave him. I figured you should have it, too.

Find your audience, figure out where they are, and give them a reason to buy your chairs. Become an expert in them, connect with them, and really woo them. Start a blog, get on Twitter, get on Facebook and make them feel like they're getting something more than a fancy chair with a hefty price tag.

Based on your demographics (what browsers and operating systems you're using, where you're coming from), you probably already knew that. So why didn't this guy?

What's your 30 seconds of free advice?