Connecting on multiple platforms, or why I’m no longer reading your updates

If you move your eyes to the right, you'll see a box labeled "Connect." It's under the search box, next to my mug over there. While you may not have a Delicious account, there's a reasonable chance you have a Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook account. Even all three. And possibly Foursquare, too.

I use those three social networking platforms very differently. Facebook is primarily social for me, although I do operate a Facebook page or 2 for businesses. I play Scrabble with my sister and other word games with my mom and some friends. I check in on birthdays. On rare occasions I'll check the status updates, but really, that is pretty rare. LinkedIn is purely business; even the stuff that feels social is business – I'm sharing professional information, and since I'm a sole proprietor, that business life sometimes spills over into the personal (and vice versa). Twitter is a mix of everything. I definitely don't over-share on Foursquare, and I only check in at clients, potential clients, and places I have a comment about. And I only share that on Twitter if I have something to say about it beyond, "I'm here."

Sometimes I find something worth sharing on multiple platforms, though I find that increasingly rare. More often than not, it's a photo shared on a Twitter platform that I send to Facebook as well so that I don't have to upload it twice.

If you're just on social networking sites to be there, that's cool. I have goals. Which is why if you're flooding my LinkedIn stream with the same stuff I just read on Twitter, totally overwhelming other connections who update what they're working on once or twice a week, I've pulled you out of my LinkedIn timeline. And really, a lot of us are on LinkedIn for the professional networking – we don't care if you're sharing ice cream with your kid. Save it for Facebook or Twitter.

I've been doing the same on Facebook lately, too.

This has a further consequence, as well: once I've pulled you out of my stream, you're out. It's not like I go back weekly to see if your practices have changed. If you point out to me that your practices have changed, I may go check, but if I've pulled you out of my stream and tomorrow you have an epiphany and decide to share good stuff on LinkedIn, sorry, I'm not going to know, and I'm not going to share it with my network.

How are you using these platforms, and how do you deal with people who use them differently from you?

One Thought on “Connecting on multiple platforms, or why I’m no longer reading your updates

  1. In some ways I’m a little easier than you, and in other ways I’m not.

    I use LinkedIn purely for business as well. I refuse to connect it to Twitter in any way. I do have my business blog posts showing up there, however.

    I use Facebook for the few games like you, and for my business page. However, I’ve removed the option for anyone to search for my name to add me; if you search and we’re not already connected, you’re not going to find me that way. I thought that was important to limit the number of oddball connections that were coming, people whose items I didn’t want showing up on my wall. I thought that was crucial; I don’t want a lot of filth and nonsense showing up there because, in essence, I see it as business-social, but not too social.

    Twitter is a different animal entirely. Though I have all my blog posts show up, and I do post links to things I’m doing, overall I see it as a way to just meet more people, especially local people, to help spread my influence, if you will. I’ve spent so many years working out of town and meeting people on the internet and now it’s time to get to know more people locally. Thus, the tweetups; can you imagine a Facebook-meetup being as popular?

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