Foursquare as a travel journal

Some of you know my back and forth with Foursquare as a tool. Foursquare isn't going away, so I may as well embrace it – and my guess is that long-ish service outage we saw Sunday morning means they're getting their ducks in a row for some major funding, either in terms of a purchase or a round of venture capital.

I was in Saratoga Springs over the weekend, and I used Foursquare throughout the weekend to mark where I'd been, so that I could go back and recall names, and be able to find addresses and Web pages. It was a handy note-taking tool. I probably abused the "Tell Twitter" function a little, but I tried to take it easy on the anti-Foursquare amongst my followers (I've been telling Twitter less and less lately).

I found Foursquare to be a highly effective tool for the purpose. Even when Foursquare was down, I could tweet my location (I don't get people who tell Twitter where they are, but who claim to hate Foursquare – it's the same thing, just without the 4sq link). Sure, it means if you were stalking me, you could find me. You already knew I wasn't home because I told you on Twitter that I was heading out of town. That doesn't mean you could get by the dogs, the electrified lawn barrier, and the two other things I'm not telling you about.

The two things I like best about using this method:

1. It's digitized. When my brother and I drove from Massachusetts to California in 2003, neither of us had a smart phone, we weren't on Facebook, (what with it being still in development and us out of college) and we didn't have location-based services in general. We kept a road diary, and while I've referred to it for purposes of stories, I've never digitized it. My Foursquare travel journal is already digitized, and I can just copy and paste into a document if I want.

2. Contact information. Most of the venues in Foursquare have some modicum of correct information, including an accurate venue name. That makes a venue easy to find should I want to refer to it in a blog entry or get in touch so that I can go again.


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  • I usually don’t tell twitter where I am, either. My friends who use foursquare can just look me up and see where I was “last seen” and my friends who don’t are the kind of people who would just text me and ask me where the heck I am. I liked it, got bored with it, and went back to it. I like your idea to use it as a travel journal. Now I just need to actually travel somewhere. 🙂

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