The other day I wrote one of those why are we all writing the same thing? posts, and Mitch Joel hit me with a dose of reality in comments:

I can’t speak for the other authors, but I didn’t write this book – specifically – for you (and I stated as much before publishing). I wrote Six Pixels of Separation, for those who aren’t deeply engaged in the channel...

Makes sense. If I know this basic stuff, why am I reading books about the basics?


I've been seeing R—'s face a lot. R— skipped town a few years ago but left me with an inscribed copy of Eastern Wisdom that I haven't touched yet. Maybe it's time to gain a little more perspective – put down the business basics books and find inspiration where I find it, not worrying about where other people find it.

As for who I'm writing for, I'd like to say I write for me, but I'd be lying. My blog stats say there are more of you reading every week, and the fact that I look at those stats says to me I'm writing for others.

And now, onward.


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