Your Take: Places to bring colleagues and clients

My post on places to bring colleagues and clients got a bunch of reaction on LinkedIn. I said Freedom of Espresso in Franklin Square, Edward Thomas, Alto Cinco, Al's and Burnet Park.

Here was the LinkedIn response. [Note: After I created this post, more comments were added, so they didn't make it. Be sure to check out the Linked Syracuse group for more!]

Links to some of these places:

Century Club
Kitty Hoynes
The Mission
Onondaga Lake Park
Tin Pan Galley [Warning: Music auto-plays]



  • Haha, I love that you put a music auto play warning. I hate when sites do that!

  • Of course the list would be Syracuse centric, but since I live in Liverpool, I have my own list. My places are Friendly’s, Chili’s, Wegman’s (Rt 57), Pier 57, and when I’m needing breakfast Julie’s in North Syracuse.

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