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I have two favorite email newsletters, and I wanted to take a minute to share what they are and what I enjoy about them. There are two motivations behind this: (1) to offer you suggestions on how to get me on your list as an email subscriber, and (2) to get you to let me know what your favorite email newsletters are.

1. Funds For Writers by C. Hope Clark

I forget what first got me interested in FFW – possibly a ramp-up to my first National Novel Writing Month – but Hope Clark's weekly newsletter provides a message from her about how to find success, motivation, inspiration or some other writing-related topic; an article from a contributor about writing; available grants, fellowships and contests; and freelance opportunities.

FFW hits my inbox Friday afternoon or evening, and gives me enough food for thought for the weekend – and enough action items to keep me busy as long as I want to be busy.

Clark also does a free small markets newsletter and a free WritingKid newsletter, as well as a paid newsletter.

2. SearchCap from Search Engine Land

SearchCap is a round-up of everything going on in search (SEO, SEM, PPC, local, maps, etc.), social media, and analytics. It's a daily, sent out in the evening, with whatever is new on Search Engine Land that day, along with links to blog entries by many different people across the social/search landscape (Friday's edition, for instance, included summaries of six of SEL's posts, links to 40 blog posts by other writers, and summaries of some of the top items on Sphinn, which is SEL's social sharing site).

The things these two newsletters have in common that I particularly enjoy are:

• They have lots of information
• They arrive at a good time for me to read them and utilize the information in them
• They save me time on searching for all the info
• They provide me with information I wouldn't have thought to look for

Which are your favorite newsletters?


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