I'm getting really good at the one-pan thing. Sure, I did the rice in a cooker, but here was last night's dinner.

I used chuck steak and bay scallops to keep the cost down. The chuck steak gets soft enough if you cook it in enough liquid, and it turned out that the bay scallops were the right choice here, since sea scallops would have taken over the flavor of this dish and made the creativity part of it moot.

We started by sautéing some sliced baby bellas, then poured some condensed mushroom soup in there. We had some leftover sun-dried tomato marinade we had used on some chicken, and of course added a healthy amount of the best stuff on earth (Sriracha).

We added some diced red bell pepper, then the bay scallops and cubed chuck steak, poured the whole thing over some jasmine rice, and enjoyed it with a Gnarly Head Cab.

Mushroomed Steak and Scallops Over Rice
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