Selling for your conscience instead of money

I met with some friends over brunch this weekend to discuss a website. She does handmade knitwear and has a large collection of vintage clothing that she wants to unload; he's money-conscious as they head into retirement, as you'd imagine anyone would responsibly be.

My goal, since they're friends, I want to keep them that way, and I want to make sure that as I do work for them I don't come to resent them for utilizing my time and energy, was to find an affordable solution that really made sense.

So I sold them an shop. Which, of course, is free. They bought brunch, and I'll be over their house for a couple of hours showing them how to set up the Etsy shop while we nibble on stuff, and they're going to have at it for a few months to see how it does for them.

If it doesn't work out over the next five months or so, we'll take another look and they won't have lost anything. I'm sure they'll have questions, and I'm sure I'll spend a few minutes here and there answering emails. But at least for now, they'll have a self-driven solution, and I won't have to feel bad every time I see them that I'm taking money out of their pockets.

How do you sell to people who need your services, but whom you also want in your life?


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