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One of the cool new things I've found at work in reading fitness blogs and seeing what's up in the industry is a blog by Eric Cressey, who runs Cressey Performance, a Boston training center.

Cressey Performance is known for training pro (and, I imagine college and amateur) baseball players – particularly pitchers – and many of you know I'm a baseball nerd.

Cressey, who doesn't have a baseball background, fell into this niche entirely by accident. His own journey through fitness and mobility led him to be passionate about the field, and eventually his location and his methods caught on in the baseball world. Read his story the way he tells it. I haven't read too many career path stories that interest me, but his does.

To feed the baseball nerds among my readers (I'm looking at you especially, Tom and Mitch), check out what pitchers do during the off-season.

2 Thoughts on “Cressey Performance

  1. It’s pretty interesting reading. I’d have thought that some pitchers would work year around. I wonder if he does full weight programs also, like the kind Clemens and others were on in trying to build up their strength. Thanks for sharing that link.

  2. Thanks for sharing Josh. I’ve used weighted balls in a limited fashion in the past and it’s nice to see the science behind healthy training/throwing.

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