Reeher Window

When I was at Syracuse University, one of the things I did was to help put together a conference for the Center for Digital Literacy focusing on Democracy and the Internet.

It was summer 2004, and Howard Dean was making waves in the online fundraising and organizing world, thanks in large part to Meetup. We had one of Meetup's co-founders; Joe Trippi, a top Democratic strategist; and a bunch of other great speakers.

Among the co-coordinators of the conference were the authors of Click on Democracy. One of those authors, Grant Reeher, has recently launched a new public affairs blog, Reeher Window.

Grant is open to guest posts and suggestions, so please go over there and be active.

Incidentally, he's also hosting The Campbell Conversations on WRVO each week; he's done everything from interviews with local politicians and political candidates to having a really interesting discussion with Lakshmi Singh, who is the mid-day newscaster for NPR.


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