What are you thankful for?

Fight Childhood Cancer Week continues! Yesterday, we did the what cancer means to you thing. Today, we talk thankfulness. What are you thankful for?

I'm thankful for a lot. I have amazing people around me. I'm employed. I don't have cancer. I have two healthy legs. And I can afford to donate money to charity.

I will be using the healthy legs to walk on Saturday in the Give thanks. Walk. at Carousel Center. I donated $36 to Jason's page (see below). Why $36? Because in the Hebrew language, numbers are represented by letters, and the word meaning "life" represents the number 18. So $36 is a donation to help save two lives.

Jason has put a ton of effort into organizing a team for this walk, so I'm asking that you donate to his page. If for some reason you'd rather my name be on your donation, here's my page, but I promise they go the same place and Jason should get the credit for the extra work he's put in here.


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