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About six weeks ago, I said I'd be starting a personal training journey. I've done five workouts now with my personal trainer, Roger, and I'm losing about a pound a week (which, during the holiday season can't be too bad) – a little short of my loss goal, but my conditioning is much improved – and I start a 12-week intensive weight loss competition during the second week in January.

To catch you up a little bit, I'm blogging about it here.

The biggest challenge exercise for me is a super-set combination of a chest press combined with slow-tempo push-ups. For this exercise, we use 50 pounds of weight on a seated chest press, doing a quick 12 reps. We then do 12 push-ups, going down on a slow three count and holding for two beats at the bottom. It's called a super-set because both exercises use the same muscle groups.

I run a lap, catch my breath, then do a second super-set.

I managed to complete the super-set once, in Week 4. In Week 5, I wound up doing the last four of my 24 push-ups on my knees (which is still better than weeks 1-3). I think we move to three sets of 10 next week. I'm excited for a new challenge.

My new favorite exercise, though, is a bicep super-set. I do curls at about 30-35 pounds (standing, usually with a cable machine), then pick up some lighter (10 or 12.5 pound) dumbbells, and do slow (3-count) curls standing on one leg. It takes concentration and balance, and I think it's working on my ankle strength.

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  1. I guess the “new” way of working out is to combine cardio conditioning with weight training- so you get both kinds of workouts at the same time and increasing the intensity of your workout thereby kicking your metabolism in gear?

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