3 Meals No Dieter Would Try

Except that I did. One of them, I ate twice in the past week. And by the way, I lost just over a pound, which is less than spectacular, but sustainable.

I've now lost 20.6 pounds in six weeks, dropped my body fat percentage under 18% (calipers) from 27.7% (bio-impedance), and am working on my third belt.

Here are three meals (three breakfasts and a lunch) I ate this week that contributed to my weight loss, even though nobody who considers themselves "on a diet" would ever eat them.

Cheeseburger Omelet

This was so good, I made another one a few days later.

Saute some onions in butter. Break up a hamburger patty and mix it in. While it's cooking, whisk three eggs, and cut up some cheddar cheese into small chunks. Add it to the egg.

When the meat is cooked (or close to it), add the eggs and cheese and cook until done. Top with salsa if you like (I do).

Breakfast at the All Nite Egg Plant

I've always hated that they call themselves "all nite," not only because I'm a grammar snob, but also because they don't open until 7 a.m.

But after a 7 a.m. workout in a snow squall? No problem. It's near the gym, and they didn't have their normal weekend crowd.

The Egg Plant doesn't serve a giant mound of potatoes with every breakfast, and I had them hold the toast, but what I did eat was a delicious pastrami, spinach and Swiss cheese omelet with a side of ham.

Tres Hombres

We received an invitation to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. I rarely, if ever, turn down such an invite. I suggest the same for you.

Frank, whose invitation brought us to lovely downtown Syracuse, looked at me while I perused the menu, and asked, "Hmm, how does Josh keep to his diet while eating at Dinosaur?"

Easily, actually. I just gave away the cornbread. I ate brisket, pulled pork, a quarter rack of ribs, barbecued beans and a tomato-cucumber salad.

Does it sound like I'm on a diet? Didn't think so. I love losing weight!



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