Recipe: Haddock and escarole

Sorry about the unsaturated cell phone blurriness, but I was too hungry to grab my camera!

Sometimes dinner's just so delicious it needs to wind up on the blog. And so it was with Sunday night's fare.

This started with large haddock fillets rubbed down with a Central New York favorite – a Java Gourmet dessert rub (Keuka Lake). After letting the rub seep in a bit, I sautéed some banana peppers in coconut oil and added the haddock, cooking until done.

Meanwhile, in the other pan...

I started with a generous helping of sesame oil and added some chili oil. I had some leftover chopped onions, so threw those in there, and then added a head of escarole.

And that's it, folks. Easy, tasty, healthy.


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