Self-reflection via Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam is a new app from Hettema & Bergsten, currently in private beta. It pulls together links from your friends' Twitter accounts to cull popular trends so that you can just get down to it and see what multiple friends are talking about.

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It also allows you to search on a term, such as "Syracuse," and get popular links about Syracuse, not necessarily from your friends.

It appears they're also going to try to work with the Facebook API to do roughly the same, though I'm guessing they're going to have to come out of private beta before they'll be able to do that.

What I've discovered after two days of using Strawberry Jam is something that's probably obvious if you're an outside observer of my Twitter account: I don't like redundancy.

I follow about 125 Twitter users, and I'm followed by a little over 1100 right now (though by mentioning the follower number, I'll likely lose a few; weird how that works). When I run a couple of searches on Strawberry Jam with tweets in the last 24 hours, here is what I get:

• Syracuse: 2 links with 9 mentions and 2 with 6 mentions
• Red Sox: 1 link with 6 mentions, 1 with 4 mentions and a bunch with 3 mentions
• Obama: 1 link with 23 mentions, 1 with 12 mentions and a bunch more with more than 5 mentions.
My friends: No links with more than 1 mention

What that says to me about my own habits:

(1) I follow a few people with a lot of variety in what they like and decide to share, with no redundancy (I don't follow two accounts that are tweeting the same stuff).
(2) My friends don't retweet each other's links. Maybe that's a reflection of my own selfishness – I don't follow people who flood their timelines retweeting other people. They are, instead, creative and independent minded.

I think this app has a future; I can think of a few ways I'd like to be able to integrate it into my reading (particularly in partnership with other API-based apps), but I'll need to flush those ideas out before I share them with the folks who make the magic happen.

One Thought on “Self-reflection via Strawberry Jam

  1. Interesting thought on retweeting. I retweet often, but I also make sure I read and either comment on the post or on the retweeted link (lots of comment systems I don’t like). Then again, I’m probably consuming way too much information online, but according to Klout, that’s what I’m known for; go figure.

    That app sounds interesting though. I’ve only downloaded 4 or 5 apps thus far, as I’m not comfortable with the whole thing yet, but who knows. Thanks for the info.
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