Let something interrupt your day

I tend to plan my days pretty tightly. It keeps me productive, but it definitely means a lot of things have to go right (traffic, weather, etc.). Just ask the guy who has the shift after mine at work; if he shows up more than a minute or two late, he gets The Glare.

I even keep a fairly long to-do list for the weekends. Today, I was getting ready to head out to the grocery store when I walked into the office to let JB know I was leaving. I found her deep into The Hero Handbook. With a mother deer and two fawns munching on the bushes not ten feet away outside the window.

I delayed my trip and she paused in her reading long enough to watch the deer eat, then lay down for a little rest, then finally get up slowly, nibble a little, then wander off through the trees to the neighbors' yard.

In all, we watched them hang out for about a half hour. I walked away long enough to grab my camera after we'd watched them eat their fill of bushes and grass.

Sure, my plans were interrupted for 30 minutes. But how could the rest of the day not be awesome now?

One Thought on “Let something interrupt your day

  1. Kelvin on 11/02/2011 at 09:50 said:

    Nice, Josh. Playing this scene in my mind… smiling. Thanks.

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