Looking back, looking ahead

Here's my annual posting of Dougie MacLean's take on "Auld Lang Syne." Unlike last year, I'm going to write on about 2011 and 2012.

And unlike previous years, I'm writing this on December 16, not December 31. Primarily because it's on my mind and I'm making changes now instead of waiting two weeks until the calendar changes.

2011 was the year of patience for me. I'm sure that there were other things going on (heck, I've lost a bunch of weight and gained a bunch of muscle, as well as learned a helluva lot about nutrition and fitness), but most nights I came home complaining about someone or some event that was really trying my patience, even if I didn't use that word.

I've always considered myself a fairly patient person. But I say yes a lot, and I do a lot for a lot of people. I invest a lot of time and energy in things other than myself, and I keep to a fairly tight schedule and require excellence around me if I'm going to do the things I say I'll do.

And I got to a point this year when 3 minutes' deviation in my planned schedule threw me into a rage, and misused turn signals set me off.

So here I'm writing at the end of the year. I've removed some of the distractions, I've taken more time to breathe, and I'm learning to go with the flow a little more.

I'm also not taking on as much, so maybe someone's losing from my gains, but I feel like I've got something new on my resume in this whole patience thing.

Looking ahead to 2012, I think it's going to be a year of more faces and fewer avatars. I'm looking forward to seeing more people in person, playing Scrabble in cafes instead of on Facebook, eating breakfast with people instead of tweeting about what I ate, and in general being more present in people's lives, even if I'm less present in their Twitter streams (no, I'm not quitting Twitter; not even close).

Toward that end, anybody interested in starting a regular breakfast thing? A few people at a cafe or diner at 6am some morning each week? Or maybe 7:30 on a weekend morning?

So, whether it's Dec. 16 or Dec. 31 or March 2, tak a right guide-willy waught and let me know what's up with you in the new year.


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