walk 2

tuesday, 5:35am. 12°, cloudy.

rufus is a pansy.

there, i said it.

typically, when we see an animal on a walk, he'll stop and whine about it. as in, "daddy, there's an animal there, and i'm worried it's gonna eat us. can we turn around and go the other way?"

this morning, we heard some barking, but i encouraged us to keep walking anyway. as we approached the intersection, two yappers came running across the yard.

rufus is a 75-pound lab. these were two dogs that looked like they were a bundled mass of cotton balls and vocal cords; they probably weighed in at under 10 pounds apiece.

they sniffy-sniffed, and rufus pretty much just stood there and whimpered.

and then he pooped (which he doesn't usually do the morning following an evening poop) right in the middle of the street. no poopy dance or anything, just plop.

by the way, this blog is about walking with a dog. we're probably going to be talking poop and pee a lot.

just a warning there.

tuesday, 4:15pm. 38°, cloudy.

yep, definitely a pansy. a scottish terrier kept rufus from marking a telephone pole.

it's heading toward spring. yes, it's been a mild winter in central new york, but it's definitely heading toward a new season. my allergies are kicking in. i'm shaking off the slight seasonal affective depression i generally get in january and february (primarily because of the lack of light – it doesn't have so much to do with the cold or the snow). everybody seems to have more energy.

also: babies are delicious. ok, so i frequently joke about throwing them on a grill. but introduce your little one to rufus, and she's in danger of being licked to death. keep away the little dogs, but bring on the small humans.

it must be the pooping in public thing. dogs and babies are pretty much the only ones allowed to poop in public so long as the accompanying adult discards the waste.

hey, i warned you about the poop talk.