spring time & i didn’t realize

the air is fresh. the forecast says the temperature will reach the mid 60s today. i close my eyes and hear birds chirping, sharing their excitement of spring with one another. rufus is at my side and is so excited to get his nose up close to a street sign's pole without snow being in the way. i feel a tug on the leash; "rufus on the case,"  josh and i say when rufus is fascinated by what he smells. most people's favorite season is autumn. the sights: pumpkins, scare crows, apple orchards, halloween. the smells: autumn leaves, freshly mulled apple cider, a crispness in the air, the well-known family feast in november.  My favorite season is spring followed closely by summer. spring time: new life, fresh air, spring cleaning, dogs with their owners jogging, walking, playing. people spend more time out walking and riding bikes. i'm so excited for rufus' first spring with us. we'll play fetch. we'll run. we'll rollerblade and explore trails in local parks.


i didn't realize how strong the human/canine bond can be. i didn't realize he'd find me wherever i am. i didn't realize he'd race josh to greet me when i arrive home. i didn't realize i'd laugh so hard at something so simple or an act i usually perform and take for granted. i didn't realize the power of forgiveness: we didn't like that carpet anyway. today's a new day. i'm still your mom, you're still our son. i love you, we'll always be a family. i realize now, the strength of our bond.

walk 3

wednesday, 5:15am. 37°, cloudy & breezy.

"just because you're paranoid / don't mean they're not after you."

it's been a windy winter. say what you will (or won't) about climate change, the earth has made it clear it's angry with all the wind.

wind brings suspicion.

our little suburban neighborhood is usually quiet at 5am. on rare occasions, we'll see another dog walker; i imagine that will increase as the weather gets warmer and it starts getting lighter earlier.

but on windy days, it feels like something has changed. rufus sticks closer than usual. typically, he's a close walker, sticking within a foot or two until he decides to go off and sniff something. when it's windy, his nose is right at my knee, frequently touching it. he's on alert throughout the walk, tail pointed, ears up. he has to be convinced it's ok to step away to sniff and pee and be a dog.

that's where our training comes in, i guess – if i'm doing enough to prove i'm a leader, he'll go about being a dog and let me handle it. i expect that's probably a 6-month process. perhaps longer.

it's supposed to be extra warm today. this afternoon might involve a park.

wednesday, 3:30pm. 66°, partly sunny.

yes, you read that right. 34 hours brought a 54-degree increase. woah. park time. trail walk, fetch, meeting some other dogs.

rufus loves the ladies (check out that pimpin' grin). i think he played with their dogs and licked their children's faces because he got compliments.

rufus also discovered what 30 feet is like as a distance. he got tired of playing with the little dogs and wanted to play with a big dog. unfortunately, the big dog was 50 feet away and the lead is 30 feet. you know what birds look like when they fly into windows? kinda like that. he just sat right down, because he had no idea what was going on.

but he got to play with the big dog, an aging yellow lab. she had eyes that looked like they had seen a century's worth of kibble and puppies.