walk 9

tuesday, 5:25am. 55°, mostly cloudy.

starting and ending the day with a walk is starting to be a grand raison d'etre for me. who doesn't love a clear mind, a cup of coffee and a little movement in your day?

the morning gives me a little bit of time to shake off the sleep and think about the air before i sit down and think about the coming day. i jump into work right away; my multiple roles at a local gym have me getting started around 6am, and then breaking just long enough to prep and out the door and at the club by about 7:45.

the first thing i do when i get home is get outside with rufus – sometimes that's a walk; other times it's sitting on the patio with the long lead so he can sniff around the back yard.

the after dinner walk with jb and the pup gives me some digestion time, but also some separation between the day and life. i've been sleeping really well since we started these walks – they're actually something we had talked a lot about before we decided to adopt rufus, but we never actually got to them.

seems that happens with a lot of things.

tuesday, 4:45pm. 66° sunny.

this is one of the days i was built for. we got around the block, and now we're heading out back to start setting up the patio. i know it's only march 13 and we're unlikely to have perfect weather for the next six weeks, but i think grilling season is going to start early this year. that's exciting. also, the grill broke (seriously, the kettle actually peeled away from the legs), which means i have to go pick out a new grill. that's awesome.

we grilled on the mini grill (it's like 8 inches high and 10 inches round or something). rufus spent his time laying on the deck, inhaling sausage and charcoal. he'll get used to that; we light the grill a lot.

maybe this is the place for the charcoal/gas argument. maybe not. we'll see. but we're going to have it, you and i. because you like your nice simple gas grill, while i think you might as well just move your oven outside. nothing beats the smell of a charcoal fire, and nothing beats the taste of meat cooked over charcoal with some maple chips thrown in.