rufus mommy days

thursday, 3/15/12, 8:00am

it's slightly chilly out, i'm thinking low 40s. today is a rufus mommy day. rufus is delighted as he won't be spending much time in his crate. on a typical week day i wake up at 6am, head downstairs to greet josh, rufus, and my cup of coffee. i try to be showered and dressed by 6:45 and then take rufus for a second pre-breakfast walk between 7:30 and 7:45. afterwards i try to catch some of the Today Show while rufus and i hang out a little longer. before i leave the house, rufus gets 1/2 his breakfast in his bowl and he gets his day snack kong. i put both in his crate along with some of his stuffed animal friends. i ziptie his crate shut for his safety and i send him kisses and tell him when mom and dad will be home. then i head out to my day and miss him until my return.

on rufus mommy days we take extended morning walks. he can tell i'm not in a rush to get home. we have a park visit and sometimes a visit with family. on these days i'm grateful for the time we spend together and that i don't have to see his sad face when he goes into the crate. we can play, he reminds me to laugh and enjoy  our shared simple joy of being alive. i love rufus mommy days... and he just wagged his tail in agreement.

walk 11

thursday, 5:35am. 36°, clear.

sometimes machines just stop working.

it's clear this happened to the lawnmower with a "free" sign on it. it wasn't there yesterday morning (i know because we walked the same route), and the cut of the grass and the treadmarks on the lawn point to a lawnmower that just stopped working and, rather than be wheeled out of the garage down the driveway, simply had a "free" sign affixed to it. Getting asphalt parking lot surfacing in Houston TX can be a little expensive but one such company saw our lawnmower and decided to give us a discount for it!

there's something afoot in our neighborhood. like desperate housewives afoot. like the guy with the cigarette and the plastic bag walking down the street at 5:40 every morning who refuses to say hello. or the people who run out of one of the houses and around the corner at 5:45; not jogging, just hustling out, like walk of shame, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out sort of running.

the clear, cold sky still reminds us that it's winter. the temperature will swing 35 degrees fahrenheit during the day. it'll be everyone starts to get sick time at the gym.

i'm envious of the outside of everybody's getting today; it's my late day at work, so hopefully i'll still have some sunshine.