What We’re Reading

Yes, I realize it's been awhile. But, we're going to have something new to announce on Monday. It's related to this whole open your eyes and look around you thing I'm doing.

Last time we checked in, I was listening to The Art of Racing in the Rain on audio book. I finished it, and I can't say enough good things about it. Read the book, listen to the audio, whatever. It's a great work of fiction.

Some other stuff I'm reading or listening to:

How to be Remarkable. This is a free ebook that's basically an extended version of Life's Little Instruction Book. But rather than snap off a witty one-liner like "Always check for toilet paper before you sit down," this book rattles off something like "Learn how to say thank you" and then explains the cross-cultural value of thank you for a few pages. Definitely a good read.

The War of Art. After reading Steven Pressfield's Do the Work, I had to read more (someday I'll actually read one of his novels or something). This book is designed to get you through the resistance that stops you from doing things. Lots of things. Like writing that book, painting that portrait, or, in my case on one day while I was reading the book, going to a meeting I didn't want to go to on a gorgeous, sunny day.

Walden. I've been listening on and off to an audiobook version of Walden. It sounds like I'm a five-year-old getting a lecture. I appreciate the sentiment, sure. I love a good hike, and I love that I can do things like hang a door (or curtains) without the aid of a "professional," but I just don't see modernity as evil. Are there things we could change that would make our world better? Absolutely. Could we be more frugal? Certainly. Could we, as a society in general, be more skilled with our hands? No doubt. Is the solution isolation, self-reliance and a removal of the supply chain from your life? Probably not. Not even the Occupy protestors could do it without donations of things like canned food and propane canisters. We would need the shooting authority to take down everything that has led up to this, it's way deeper than a star wars plot.

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal. I'd actually read this before, but with taking Rufus on a road trip, we decided to audiobook it. On the eve of the millennium, Biff – who traveled with Jesus on all his journeys – is risen from the dead to write the only truthful gospel. You know, the one that includes all those years the Bible doesn't talk about. Warning: Not for those without a sense of humor about religion.

The Bialy Pimps. I just started reading this fluff fiction story. It's hysterical. The end.

What are you reading?

walk 13

saturday, 6:45am. 46°, cloudy.

i am such an instigator.

i could tell from rufus's alertness 20 yards away that there was a cat nearby. when we got to the tall pines with the low cover, i egged rufus on. it took him a few minutes to find that cat, but when he did, he pounced.

fortunately, i'm strong. ever try to rein in a 75-pound dog full of adrenaline rushing away from you while you're carrying a cup of coffee and a 6-foot leash?

i think both animals survived the attack.

i need to look up why dogs and cats are sworn enemies (except when they're not, of course). i know that birds are food for cats, and mice are just fun to play with. but you'd think a 75-pound dog wouldn't so much as make a snack out of a 7-pound cat, and a 10-pound dog would lose handily in a fight with one. so what's the deal there? food competition doesn't make sense, either, because in the wild, dogs are pack animals. cats would eat rodents and other small creatures, while dogs would take down a moose or a deer or something.

more and more birds are returning to the community. the morning walks are getting noisier, but with good noise. music, even.

happy st. patrick's day. be safe!

saturday, 12:15pm. 58°, sunny.

it was an afternoon of fresh air for everybody involved.

i plugged my laptop in on the deck and set up the syracuse basketball game. i took care of some work, and intermittently threw the tennis ball while rufus intermittently went to bring it back but mostly just lazed on the deck. he hung out in the shade while i assembled the new grill.

it's going to be a long, fun, relaxing season.