walk 15

monday, 5:20am. 57° cloudy.

(1) in addition to the codeine allergy i picked up from my mother, i apparently inherited a mango allergy, which took 35 years to show up.
(2) it took four benadryl to get the swelling down. i'm still shaking off the clouds and metabolizing the drug.

and so, fresh air and coffee are fighting to do their work. it ought to be an interesting morning.

i think cats are malicious.

[i grew up with a cat. well, two cats, but not at the same time.]

bluffy was the runt of her litter, a 7-pound, indoor-outdoor cat who would often let the neighborhood dogs chase her before she'd turn and swipe them in their noses and send them whimpering home.

cleo[patra] is an indoor cat, and when we brought rufus to my parents' house last weekend, she took one look at rufus and disappeared into the basement for two days.

but it's spring, and the neighborhood cats are out. they do things like walk down the middle of the street in the dark, daring something to attack them. i think we have a few more months of focus exercises to get through before rufus won't jump out and attack a cat.

and i just don't understand that, because most cats aren't a big enough snack for him. once you take the skin, fur and bones away, what do you have, a pound of meat and organs? i mean, sure, if a cat just showed up at the door dressed and cleaned, yeah, but walking down the middle of the road taunting you? why not just flip the bird and walk on by?

we're announcing the launch of the blog today, so if you're new here, welcome.