Come join my FIT-traxx class!

Beginning next week, I'll be coaching a great program called FIT-traxx.

The gym brought the program in at the beginning of the year, and after taking a class, I liked it so much I wanted to coach it. So I am.

I'm leading a demo class tonight at 5pm at the Dewitt Gold's Gym. You don't need to be a member to participate. Show up a few minutes early to sign a waiver and stretch. My class will be Tuesday and Thursday mornings before work (5:45am).

For the price, you really can't beat this program. You get four weeks of trainer-assisted workouts providing all the equipment (you can check those best rated ankle weights here, for example), nutrition advice, and homework for the days when you're not in the class. You also get my email address so we can chat about what you're eating and your workouts and how things are going and any other advice you might want.

I can't talk about price here; you can email me (that's my work email) for some details, but the demo comes with a coupon, and we'll talk about costs there. The two- and three-times-per-week programs come with a money back guarantee, and people who take the program three times a week are losing four inches in the month.

You also get full use of the gym for five weeks (it's a four-week program with a week for make-up classes).

There's also a demo at 8am Saturday, which will be led by Austin, who heads the program here.

Let me know if you have questions. I'd love to see some people I know from the community in my class! [I'll also take music suggestions to heart, and there won't be any John Denver!]

walk 18

thursday, 5:25am. 60°, partly cloudy.

the city i grew up in, springfield, mass., had streetlights every 20 yards or so. this was great, until the mayor of the city started lending city money to his friends to open up businesses downtown, then lending them more money to pay back those loans. springfield had a bustling downtown entertainment district, but suddenly couldn't afford to keep all those streetlights on.

that made it great for people who finally could see the stars, but not for the increasing crime rate throughout the 1990s.

the suburbs here, however, are somewhat devoid of streetlights. there are lights in my neighborhood, perhaps every 100-150 yards. the halos not only don't overlap, there are wide swaths of space that aren't lit.

i wear a fairly bright led headlamp when we're walking in the dark.

it still not bright enough to block out the stars, which makes it perfect for seeing cats cross the road and people walking toward us, but still allows us some nature.

i sure do love me some sky.