walk 21

sunday, 7am. 46°, misting.

this precipitation should be embarrassed to call itself rain.

but it still gets us wet.

and so we break from the unseasonable weather, we're reminded of march, of early spring.

but with it, greener grass, fragrant walks. flowers coming up.

i'll have to remember to learn some bird calls; there was something i had never heard before in a tree around the corner from home. it sounded like the whine humans let out when they're not ready to get out of bed yet.

it's looking like a busy sunday.

sunday, 12:15pm. 45°, cloudy.

max and samson are an awfully loud, rambunctious pair. we won't visit without their humans present, but we still get to watch them run and play in their electric-fenced yard.

we played with two other dogs last night. kermit is hyperactive and playful. sheldon is calm, but doesn't like sudden motion (like "i'm going to pet you now") or person-to-person touching (even hugs get a bark, as though a threat were present).

and so we remember again that we're lucky rufus found us. he'll play, he'll cuddle, he'll chill while we're doing laundry, he'll keep his nose out of the suitcase as we pack. and he almost never barks.