walk 17

wednesday, 5:35am. 52° partly cloudy.

it must be hard being on high alert for extended periods of time.

taking these early morning walks is sort of a transition to awake for me. sure, if i hear running footsteps (like, say, because someone's jogging before work), my adrenaline might kick in and set me on alert until i'm certain a threat has passed, but a dog is almost always on high alert.

when we go out for our morning walk, rufus bends low to the ground. sometimes he'll sniff the ground for 10-15 yards at a time, but typically he's always looking around, too. every approaching being (including squirrels running up trees) is a cause for a "let's get out of here" whine.

when we get home and rufus climbs on his dog bed in the office, where i do my morning writing and catch up on correspondence before breakfast, he's keenly aware of if i move my chair a few inches, whether or not i'm getting up (he always assumes i am, as he starts to get up to follow me).

sure, he has his carefree moments, laying on his back while his tummy is getting rubbed, for instance, but he'll stop eating if one of us comes home during his dinner, and he'll stop in the middle of fetch if he hears a dog a couple of houses away.

i just can't envision what it's like to not be able to relax.


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  • I’m constantly amazed when I see my doggies all splayed out on the floor or the sofa, napping–and how they instantaneously leap up, barking and running to the door when they hear other dogs, doorbell etc.

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