Why a PC bought an iPad

I was brought up an Apple guy.

The products are sleek and easy to use (sleek is relative, I guess, since the first Apple my family used was an Apple IIe, which was basically a box on top of another box, and my first Apple was an LC II, which was the same box-on-box design, just bigger).

But since the resurgence of Apple, I've been a PC guy. For a third of the price point, I could get a machine that wasn't as cool-looking, but definitely handled everything I needed more than adequately.

When the first iPad debuted, it looked cool as hell. But my take on it then was that it was too big to replace my phone and too small to replace my laptop.

Over the past year or so, as mobile application development really started to do great things in terms of productivity, I've been seriously looking at tablets.

My life is Google-based. I've been using Android phones. But the Android tablets just aren't up to snuff.

When Apple announced the new iPad last week, the company dropped the price of the iPad 2, which priced it competitively with Android tablets, making it worthwhile.

I've been using the tablet for a few days now. I still have a lot of work to do to get myself set up; I use multiple social networks (and multiple accounts on some of them), I have an Apple ID that dates back to when the iTunes store first launched but isn't tied to an email address I use regularly. I have to learn a new software suite and get back to using the Apple keyboard shortcuts, which are different from the PC keyboard shortcuts.

I've played with some photo editing software, and I've published my first blog post, and with this, my second.

I may need to pick up a wifi capable printer (that'd actually help us around the house anyway, since we have two smart phones, two PCs, an Apple, an iPod Touch and now the iPod, so our Dropbox accounts render irrelevant which device we're using).

Let me know your favorite apps so that I can give them a try.



  • I recommend Flipboard, tweetbot, and gmail for iOS

  • The thing that always keeps me from buying expensive apple gear is that they make a new one ever 2 weeks. Okay, maybe it spans longer than that, but having an ipad 2 when the ipad 3 comes out would just make my heart sink.

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