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i enjoy hiking. i didn't always know this. when i was younger i was a girl scout. selling girl scout cookies was fun and our troop went on a few overnight camping trips. camping is okay, but i prefer sleeping in my own bed over tenting it. thanks to rufus' need for exercise and the known fact that dogs need to relieve themselves outdoors, we strive to get in at least two or three walks a day or a nice long walk or hike in a park. this past winter, josh and rufus showed me a beautiful trail that starts in our development and leads to the local shopping centre. our destination was a local coffee shop for a much needed java jolt. the trail was beautiful as we trudged our way through the snow. we walked down a small hill taking in the blaring whiteness that coated the twigs, branches and ground. i took pictures along the way to remember that even in the winter, nature is still beautiful. josh and rufus jumped over a narrow babbling creek. i followed and embraced the beauty and joy of the hike that surrounded us.

today even though the sky is gray, the weather is mild. we decided this morning to take the neighborhood trail for our coffee. the greenery on the trail was lovely; a gorgeous purple flower vine twisted its way along the ground. the trail wasn't very muddy. rufus was so happy to sniff the ground, the trees, the brush, the everything that was only a month or two ago covered in snow. josh and i shared some laughs and interesting stories from the week. i took pictures of the greenery, the beauty of springtime nature. we neared the end of the trail ducking our heads under a curved branch. we parted the dangling branches of a weeping willow tree and headed for our coffee with rufus at our side.



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  • Thanks so much for posting my vic on your blog!I am still plugigng away at the feature length version of the JMT Documentary. Keep an eye out for it this summer sometime.Happy Trails to you!-Pete

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