walk 28

sunday, 8:35am. 39°, cloudy.

these wide open spaces, with their high-speed traffic noises and winds that would be barely noticeable if there were trees around are panic-inducing for our pup.

we're really grateful we got to bring rufus with us to the wedding hotel this weekend. but our pup didn't have a great time. i'm sure if he knew what the alternative was and was capable of making the decision by himself, he would have chosen to come with us, but he spent a fair bit of time in the room with us not particularly enjoying himself (he did play some, but spend a lot of time with his head on the carpet). We even heard him whining/howling a couple of times when we got back after leaving him alone in the room, even with some food and toys in his crate.

when we got home and stepped out into the back yard, rufus charged right for his favorite peeing and sniffing spots. he checked to see what had changed since he last sniffed around (probably some squirrel poop or something), and got some running in.

it's good to see happy again.


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