walk 30

wednesday, 5:40am. 37°, clear.

i can't believe we didn't get a walk in yesterday (fortunately, rufus had plenty of jb time, some walks, some playing, some chores, you get the picture).

up at 4, out in the yard for a quick pee but back in the crate by 4:20. i had one of those days when i go into work at 4:30, coach, squeeze in a 20-minute workout, microwave some breakfast and then get to work. then i came home and started reading my class's food diaries, took a break for dinner, and finished about 8:45. we went out in the yard again for an evening pee; i was so tired i couldn't even see straight.

didn't i just write about work-life balance?

so, yeah. up for a walk today, and it felt like it's been forever. rufus stopped in places he doesn't usually stop, and didn't stop in places he usually does. spring is bringing something a little different in the smells department, i guess.

it's supposed to be nice this weekend. i'm thinking there will be a walk up to the coffee shop, even if the wooded path is a little on the wet side, which it might be with the cool nights lately.


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