walk 31

sunday, 7:25am. 35°, sunny.

don't worry, rufus hasn't been neglected. the great thing about having 2 humans in the house is that if i can't make a walk for four days, jb's got it covered (we did get a lot of outside yesterday in the back yard, though).

the early work we did with the focus exercises is sticking with our pup. he followed me closely through twists and turns, even when there was a squirrel straight ahead in the street.

supposedly, the honeymoon time with a dog is three months. that is, during the first three months, the dog will feel you out, and if at the end of that time he determines you're not cut out to be the leader, he'll just take over and you have to start from scratch with the leadership training. we're coming in on that time, about two weeks away.

crate time has been going well, although jb's been home a lot; there will be a lot more time in the crate beginning next week, given our new work schedules. if we can get through the first month like that, we'll be really happy with the progress.

in other news, we're excited for our first barkbox shipment to come in the next two weeks. not sure what will be in it, but i bet it will be fun!


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