walk 32(ish)

so it's been a week since i last blogged. i've been taking the time for walks, but not for writing.

saturday, 2pm. 66°, cloudy, sunny, raining, and probably zebra-striped or something.

6.5 miles at onondaga lake park (we're not ready to be off-leash at the dog park yet). we shared a glazed doughnut halfway through.

rufus typically sleeps through the night, primarily out of boredom. we turn out the light, he's got a couple of toys and he's in a crate with nowhere to go and no havoc to wreak.

saturday night, he was out like a light. no evening walk. 7am sunday came, he was still snoring on his pillow, even after jb and i walked by him three times.

sunday, 9am. 55°, cloudy.

i'm working hard on some weight loss (specifically, fat loss – if i don't lose a pound because i'm gaining muscle, i'm ok with that), and sunday is my rest day.

so we started off my rest day by walking 4 miles to and from the coffee shop. (and yes, we're giving rufus extra food on these big-exercise days.)

it's always an interesting walk heading there, because it requires a regular walk through the neighborhood, a walk through the woods, and then a walk through a strip mall, where people never expect to see a dog.

onward to a saner week. more blogging, for sure!


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