walk 33

monday, 5:25am. 55°, cloudy & humid.

i think i've mentioned this before, but i grew up with cats.

our first cat, bluffy, was abandoned as a runt. she never weighed more than about 7.5 pounds. she was an indoor-outdoor cat who took two weeks' vacation every summer. we'd call her in one night, and she wouldn't come back. the next night, same thing. we'd do the grieving thing, then 2 weeks later, there she was. she was fixed, so we knew what it wasn't. we knew she didn't want the bath she'd inevitably get, but it never stopped her.

our friends in the yard adjacent (our "back door neighbors," if that doesn't sound creepy and adult movie-ish) had a dog named sammy. she was about 20 pounds of bird hound. bluffy used to bait her, and sammy would chase bluffy for five to ten minutes before bluffy would turn around and give sammy a swipe on the nose, sending the dog whining back home.

i never understood this baiting thing. while i'd always root for the cat (hell, she was our cat), she weighed in at a third of sammy's size.

and so it was this morning. you'd think a 10-pound cat that is maybe 9 inches tall with its back arched would just get out of the road when it saw us coming 20 yards away. maybe scooch under that van it was sitting in front of or something. it's not like rufus is a barely bigger than a cat beagle. he's 27 inches tall and weighs 75 pounds. if he ate that cat, he'd still need a meal to wash it down with.

i'm glad it was me on that walk, since i'm more than double rufus's weight and a little "i'm gonna get that stupid cat" momentum really just means rufus goes up on his hind legs before he realizes i'm walking the other direction. i've never actually heard rufus bark more than once at a time before.

but that's a fun way to start your day. i highly recommend it.


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