walk 34

tuesday, 4:25pm. 56°, partly sunny.

the weather widget on my phone says it's mostly cloudy out, but the clouds are positioned such that the sun can get through quite clearly.

i guess i'm an optimist. i've noticed rufus is, too.

in the wild, dogs (just like people in a hunter-gatherer society, by the way) have three categories of things, and they evaluate in this order. (1) things that will eat me; (2) things i can eat; (3) everything else. sure, you'd rather do the eating, but you won't do any more eating if you approach something that will eat you first.

in a suburban neighborhood, where we're walking together and not so worried about coyotes and man-and-dog-eating giants, we're pretty much looking at food and everything else. i'm guessing that's one reason for all the sniffing – especially if he's going to continue to accept his people as leaders of the pack (we're the ones responsible for "things that will eat me").

or perhaps the eternal optimist puppy always thinks there will be a chunk of steak in the tall grass.

rufus would rather be hanging out with jb and me than wandering around the house knocking down garbage cans and rooting through cupboards. win. but it means that every time we move from a spot, he springs up as though, i don't know, we're handing him food or something. this holds true whether we're lounging around watching tv and we get up to use the bathroom, or whether we're preparing dinner and we head to a cabinet. or we're sitting in the office blogging and i wheel my chair two inches in any direction.

spring is here for real, i think. time to enjoy it. tata.


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