who depends on you & who do you depend on?

we have a mouse in our house. no, this isn't an "ode to dr. seuss." and yes there's already a mouse trap set and ready for mr. mouse. i'm sure he'll be caught soon, no need to worry or be creeped out for us. after i discovered mr. mouse's trail, i wondered how dependent he's been on the house. i've been cleaning the house today and getting various chores done. when i work i try to stay focused on completing the project. sometimes i forget to eat or forget to take a break if i'm feeling tired. seeing the evidence of mr. mouse reminded me how dependent rufus is on me and josh. he depends on us for food, for exercise, for love, for play time, to forgive him and to reward him.

who depends on you? who do you depend on? dependence has different meanings to different people. dependence can mean needing a substance, relying on a person or thing to do something you need. some people see dependence as something negative. people want to be self sufficient and independent. they'd rather do things for themselves than rely on others. we've had rufus for about 2.5 months. prior to rufus i'd do my chores and probably not break for a walk outside or i wouldn't eat until i was starving. as i do my chores i hear rufus follow me to do laundry, he brings me a toy to play fetch with him and he reminds me how much he depends on me.

we depend on each other for different reasons. i depend on josh and rufus. josh is my amazing partner. he listens, he comforts, he cares, he is supportive, he's fun and funny, loving and understanding. he learned a while ago that i'm interested in hearing about his day and that i care about what time he'll be home. i depend on rufus for a love that is unconditional. for laughter that doesn't have to make sense, for a sense of loving concern that family members show each other.

josh has a great reminder on his blog. progress, one progression at a time. we are all a work in progress and we all depend on each other in some way. don't forget who depends on you and who you depend on too.



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